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About our Services

Here at White Wilson & Associates, LLC, we are a full service accounting firm located in South Holland, IL. Although we perform a wide variety of services that exceed the common needs for most businesses, we also provide services on a personal level for the general public.

For more than 25 years we have been providing tax preparation, auditing, retirement counseling, income tax preparation (personal & business), electronic filings, bookkeeping, financial statements, sales tax, estate planning and many other services to a wide range of clients throughout the greater Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs. 


We have developed a reputation for professional excellence through the high quality of services we perform for our clients. 


Tax Preparation

We prepare business and personal income tax returns that are then submitted to the State & Federal governments on your behalf. Gone are the ways of confusing tax days.

Retirement Counseling

All work and no play can turn into all play and no work...if you plan for it. We will help you get your finances in order and assess your 401k's and Pension to best benefit you.

Business Consulting

Need help with a new LLC, startup, corporation, etc? Our team can help improve your organization's performance and efficiency with personalized business recommendations.

Liquor and Sales Tax

We process Liquor excise forms and report sales tax to the states on behalf of your company given the information provided to us by your business. 

Financial Statements

A financial statement provides a snapshot of a businesses performance at a specific point in time. These statements may be helpful to an owner to assess the current status of the company or to obtain loans.

Business Plans

Having a clear business plan can help start or grow you business. It helps you outline how your business will achieve its goals from an operational, marketing, and financial perspective.

Electronic Filings

We can send your federal and state tax returns to the government electronically, including  excise and sales taxes. This will aide in expediting and organizing the entire process.

Estate Planning

Ever wonder what happens to your house after you "move on"? We can help arrange your Estate for  management and/or disposal, including transfers of ownership and taxes.

Grant Writing

When submitting an application for funding to an institution (government, foundation, etc.), your proposal needs to be clear and well thought out, and we'll make sure they are.


This is the process of keeping records of financial affairs of your business. Having a detailed system is vitally important to having your taxes prepared and submitted correctly.

Payroll Services

In regards to handling your payroll, we are capable of handling the processing of a company payroll (W2's & 1099's). We do all the filing to federal, state and local entities.

Auditing & Audits

The IRS randomly checks the financial records of organizations and individuals to ensure everything that's reported to their agency is correct. Should the need arise, we can help prepare you for any relative proceedings.

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