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Our Team


We are a full service WMBE certified accounting firm located in South Holland, IL. For more than 25 years we have been providing to our clients using our entire range of tax services in both business and personal realms.

Additionally, our staff are experts in their own rights, allowing us to confidently offer our capabilities in a very wide range of business consulting and support services from Human Resources, IT Consulting/Integration, Business Development & Branding, Graphic & Multimedia Development, Retirement Counseling, and a host of other business workflow services to our dynamic variety of clients, from not only the Chicagoland area, but from more than 19 states to date.

We have developed a reputation for professional excellence through the high quality services we perform for our clients, regardless of their longevity in business.

We are a small business with big skills.
Regardless of your standing or understanding with the system that is "business", we'll do our best to help you in your path to success.


We can help you with every aspect of your tax preparation and planning, including individual, partnership and corporate returns.  In the event of a tax audit, we appear on your behalf before the Internal Revenue Service.  We offer a full line of services which you can see in our
Areas of Practice

For a detailed description of our Services and to see which would best benefit you, visit our SERVICES section.

Areas of Practice

Personal & Business Services

  • Income Tax Consulting

  • Tax Preparation

  • Retirement Counseling

  • Business Consulting

  • Financial Statements

  • Liquor & Sales Tax

  • Business Plans

  • Electronic Filings

  • Estate Planning

  • Grant Writing

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Services

  • Auditing & Many More!

Important Dates

November 2023

  • Start Planning any year-end tax moves.

December 2023

  • Dec. 1: If covered by a HSA insurance policy,
    you'll be eligible to contribute to a
    Health Savings Account for the Year.

  • Dec. 31: Last day to make tax moves for 2023.

  • Dec. 31: Last day to set up solo 401(k) for self-employed.

  • Dec. 31: Marital status on this date determines
    your status for whole year.

March 2024

  • Mar. 15: Deadline for Corporations,Partnership, and Fiduciary returns
    [Forms 1120, 1120 S, 1041 and 1065]
    Extension deadline is Sep. 15, 2024


April 2024

  • Apr. 15: First deadline for Individual tax returns
    [Forms 1040, 1040 A, and 1040 EZ]
    Extension deadline is Oct. 15, 2024

Contact Us


(773) 734-6646

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